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Awarded as Outstanding Lead

Quality Improvement:

  • 3-Step_process_Exercise (Designers have to understand which categories getting error and how to check the errors in each advert) Typos reduced from 20 to 7 in Avg a week.

  • Volume Split & Seating Arrangement (Created separate cluster for KEY customers and Auto Adverts for additional awareness)

  • Knowledge sharing by Leads, QC’s and CC team on weekly basis

  • Random audit and instant feedback before the job is moved to QC

  • Analyzing on brief /Input - Process Steps been shared with team in Daily and Weekly basis

  • System Audit (Preflight & Scripts) weekly basis (Measuring system analysis to reduce the outgoing quality).

  • AOQ initiated from June and the current quality per the AOQ is 98%

Awarded as Outstanding Lead

Benefits from the team:

  • Implementation of changes that affect a whole team can run smoother, due to good  communication and team "Chemistry".

  • Quality can be greater as everybody is working towards a common goal as a team.

  • Promotes the development of potential leaders, amongst the team members

  • The creativity aspect of the employees personalities is also tapped, thus increasing the quality of ideas that are the put forth by them.

  • People are happier in their work, as they feel more involved.

  • My Constant cheer helps others keep their "enthusiasm" - both Positive and Negative sides.

Other Certificates

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